With its improved algorithm, it offers safer operation compared to the existing compressors in the market. With its user interface, it offers the operator the opportunity to observe all values on a single screen. The program and setting menu structure of the control panel can be used for all compressors. In addition, the fact that it can be communicated with the control panel and other compressor panels provides convenience for operator operations. In this way, peer aging can be done.


Before the operation and during the first operation of the machine, while the electrical pump is on, the system will continue to operate over the lubricating mechanical pump, as the machine starts up and the motor reaches its speed. Thus, energy savings will be ensured and the rotating parts will be allowed to work properly. The system is under constant control by means of relevant sensors and valves.


Thanks to the impeller designed with a special blade structure made of titanium material, 98% efficiency is achieved. In addition to its contribution to efficiency, the material and wing structure allow it to work for a long time without deformation.


The diffusser, which is designed in perfect harmony with the impeller, it reduces the air flow loss to a minimum and ensures maximum efficiency from the compressor.